Cecilia Keinapel - One of the top 20 of the most influential Norwegian fashion bloggers

 Today we are pleased to publish an interview from Norwegian fashion blogger who once was named as 16th the most influential Norwegian fashion blogger. Her name is Cecilia Mari Keinapel. She's 21 years old and lives in London. Her biggest passion is writing about fashion and lifestyle. |She also works with her music career.

When & how did you decided to become fashion blogger & singer? Did your family & friends supported your decision?

I decided to become a fashionblogger in 2007, when blog was first established in Norway. It had huge success and I ended up on 16 place on Norways most read blogs. That was a big moment for me I remember. I wanted to write about things I liked and had huge passion for so I started writing about fashion, style and makeup mostly. When it comes to the singing I always been supported by my family, my dad was the one that curage me to begin with music, and used to play pink floyd for me in the car when I was a baby. I started singing to songs when I was 2, and after it became more and more important for me.

What's your personal fashion style?

My personal fashion style depends if its casual or for a partey. I love wearing festive clothings but also going in more comfortable choices. I like wearing more edgy style, and its all about the accessories like hats, bags, jewellerys etc. I could wear anything, as long as the main outfit is matching. From a daily basis you see me more in pants, a top and leather jacket matched with accessories.

Describe Norwegian fashion style.

I don’t know if Norwegian have a typical fashion style, because theire are so many different styles. Its very like London, you can find people wearing almost everything. I guess it depends on where you live in Norway to, some places people are wearing expensive clothings and brands.

Who is your biggest inspiration?

My biggest inspiration is many but I love Taylor Swift and Cher Lloyd.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years time?

I see myself with my boyfriend I am with now, living together I am doing success in music and have made a brand for myself. Traveling the world, every concerts sold out and know in the music industry.

Please share something that not many people know about you.

What people don’t know about me. Hmmm, that can be many things …let me see.. well, I can be very goofy and clumsy sometimes. I also get crazy when I drink tequila, dancing on tables and tells everyone I love them. But who doesn’t? haha

To learn about her more, please click on "Cecilia Keinape"

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